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Our old garage door has been slowly falling apart but since it was working fine, we never bothered to change it. We’ve been picking up the door manually to open and close our garage after parking our car and we thought that it was high time we got a quotation for a new installation. Selecting a reliable garage door company that will not charge too much, yet give a good service was our priority and we decided to ask friends and family in the area to recommend someone.

My brother recommended this garage door service and told me that he had got some repair work done to his garage door and this company did a good job. I went to their office to check about my requirements and choices and the person at the reception was very polite and invited me in. He showed me various designs that would suit my property and gave me information in a very clear manner about all those garage doors. He also helped me in making the final selection. We booked an appointment for him to come and change my garage door for the next morning.

The next morning, the technicians from the garage door service were at my place at the appointed hour and quickly got to work. They took down the older garage door and set to work installing the new one. They patiently cleared up the debris and then polished the surface so that the new door could be fixed without any glitch. I was asked to check the new door and see that it was the same design that I had opted for before they started the installation process.

The new garage door was fixed with great care. The technicians checked the quality of springs and other hardware and cables thoroughly while installing to ensure that they do a good job. During and after the installation process, they followed all safety procedures carefully. They also gave me tips on small things that I could so to maintain the quality of my new garage door for long.

I found their service charges affordable and fair. Their service was prompt and thorough, their people were polite and informed. They were also experienced enough to understand what to do when. I was told that in case of any malfunction of the garage door mechanism, I should call them. I would highly recommend garage door repair Denver, as I feel they were thorough professionals who knew their work well.