Garage Door Maintenance

New Garage Door Installation and Maintenance

Installing your own garage door may seem odd to many of you but the process is easy and can be accomplished by having the basic understanding about the working of the doors. What you need is the tools and someone to help you in the process. It will reduce your expenses which I think all of us want from the core of our heart. In addition, the process will be satisfactory and quick to complete.  So, here we are going to provide you the instructions on “new garage door installation and maintenance” by getting whom you can install your garage door in the perfect way without any difficulty.

The first step is to get familiar with the process by reading the instructions from the manual. No doubt we are going to give you the overview of the process but some manufacturers have specific instructions for their products.

Make sure that you have all the required parts of the door that are mentioned in the instructions and a proper understanding of the installation process from the manual.

Next step is to collect all the tools like hammer, nails, screws and whatever needed for the installation so that you don’t have to move around for them, while going on with the process.

Attach the hinges at the top if they are not already attached. You can also drill the holes in advance on rest of the sections to attach hinges.

Starting with the actual installation, check whether the door is of the correct size. It should get properly fit in your opening otherwise; you have to order for the special door.

Now, place the first panel by driving nail.

After that you have to assemble all the horizontal, vertical and curved parts as described in the manual. Make sure that the parts are according to the size.

For installing the vertical track you have to slide the rollers on the first panel to the end of track and after installing rollers are lowered to their place.

Next step is to set the second panel by installing outside hinges and rollers on it. Also the hinges of the first panel must be attached to the bottom of this panel.

Ensure if the door is labelled and the vertical track is perpendicular.

Then install the horizontal and curved tracks.

Last step is to install the door springs or door opener, according to your preference.

If you want your door to work efficiently and have a long life then you should take care of its maintenance. New garage door installation and maintenance is not a tough task, be sure that you are checking your door on regular basis. Clean your garage door every month and apply the oil and lubricant to its parts for efficient working. Check the parts for rust and remove it, which must be followed by applying lubricant. Check all the parts like openers, springs, and pulleys; in the case of any problem get them repaired.