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My garage door was installed nearly 8 years ago, and it has been functioning fine till recently. A few months back I noticed a slight sagging onto one side, but since this was not affecting the opening and closing functions of the garage door, I did not really think much about it. One morning when I was leaving for work, the door just detached on the side that was sagging and was left hanging from the hinges. With my car still in the garage, I had no option but to look for immediate repairs to my garage door.

Fortunately my neighbour was around that morning when this incident happened and he suggested that I should call a garage door repair Denver soon or the whole garage door may need to be replaced, an expense that I really could not afford. I got the garage door service number from the same neighbor who mentioned that this company had earlier repaired his garage door and that he was very happy with their service. Their service was prompt and their rates were reasonable.

I called the garage door Service and was immediately connected to someone who understood my problem and that it had to be rectified soon. He told me that someone would be at my home within an hour’s time, and he was. The technician who came for the repairs could comprehend the issue right away and knew what had to be done. When I enquired whether the whole mechanism will need to be changed, I was relieved to be told that it was a minor repair and would take only an hour to finish. One of the springs in the door mechanism had given way and the technician replaced that and repaired the adjoining hinge and the door was refixed.

What was commendable was that the technician was not only knowledgeable about the problem but was also very patient with my concerns. He did not charge me a bomb, only the cost of the spring and some peripherals, besides a very modest servicing fee. Most of all, he stuck to the time limit and within an hour I was able to take my car out, lock the door and be on my way to work. He also gave me pointers on how to take care of my garage door so that such a problem does not recur. I would highly recommend this Denver garage door repair to all.

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What do you do when you have a Garage Door emergency on a rainy night? Call the experts obviously – Garage Door Repairs. They have been very helpful over the years and are one of the best in the area.

It was raining since the morning on the fateful day and my garage decided to break down right as I came back from work. It got stuck midway and refused to close or open no matter how hard I tried. I cursed my lack as I was sure no Garage Repair Services would send their technicians during this inclement weather. Still, refusing to let my expensive cars be exposed to the rains and car thieves all night, I called up Garage Door Repair Denver hoping against hope that they will send a technician as soon as the rains got over. They picked up my call almost immediately and surprised me by informing that a technician is nearby and will be making a house call within the hour. They also apologised beforehand if there is any delay due to the severe weather conditions!

About 45 minutes later a Technician knocked on my door. By then the rain had subsided a little, and he immediately went on to inspect the garage door. After a thorough inspection he informed me that there is some problem with the spring and pulley. He gave me a rough estimate on how much it would cost and I was happy to notice that it would not cost that much. He immediately set off to work and fixed the problem in little over an hour. He also informed me that he had cleaned the rail tracks of the garage door and instructed me how to keep the track clean for smooth operation. He also gave me some tips on how to maintain my garage door to keep it working smoothly.

I am forever grateful towards Garage Door repair for helping me out my door when I needed them the most. Without them, my car would have been exposed to rains throughout the night, or worse could have been stolen. They are thorough professionals and are very polite and gentle in their approach and will answer all of your questions regarding garage repair. Thank You, Garage Door Repair!

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Thorough Professionals

Our old garage door has been slowly falling apart but since it was working fine, we never bothered to change it. We’ve been picking up the door manually to open and close our garage after parking our car and we thought that it was high time we got a quotation for a new installation. Selecting a reliable garage door company that will not charge too much, yet give a good service was our priority and we decided to ask friends and family in the area to recommend someone.

My brother recommended this garage door service and told me that he had got some repair work done to his garage door and this company did a good job. I went to their office to check about my requirements and choices and the person at the reception was very polite and invited me in. He showed me various designs that would suit my property and gave me information in a very clear manner about all those garage doors. He also helped me in making the final selection. We booked an appointment for him to come and change my garage door for the next morning.

The next morning, the technicians from the garage door service were at my place at the appointed hour and quickly got to work. They took down the older garage door and set to work installing the new one. They patiently cleared up the debris and then polished the surface so that the new door could be fixed without any glitch. I was asked to check the new door and see that it was the same design that I had opted for before they started the installation process.

The new garage door was fixed with great care. The technicians checked the quality of springs and other hardware and cables thoroughly while installing to ensure that they do a good job. During and after the installation process, they followed all safety procedures carefully. They also gave me tips on small things that I could so to maintain the quality of my new garage door for long.

I found their service charges affordable and fair. Their service was prompt and thorough, their people were polite and informed. They were also experienced enough to understand what to do when. I was told that in case of any malfunction of the garage door mechanism, I should call them. I would highly recommend garage door repair Denver, as I feel they were thorough professionals who knew their work well.