Garage Door Spring Replacement

The garage door springs are responsible for raising and lowering of the garage door. There is no another part which can perform this task and therefore it stands out as a major reason to give proper care and respect to the springs. In human body blood, heart and lungs play a very significant role in proper functioning but in doors the whole pressure is laid down on springs. But the hard fact is: a person comes to know about this issue when finally garage door stops working(as nobody pays attention to the poor spring!)and major problem arises when you try to attempt it yourself (you are not a expert!)!

The garage door springs are basically of two types namely Torsion springs and extension springs. The torsion springs are attached just above the closed garage door while the extension springs are placed upwards on both left and right side of the door. The springs help in counterbalancing the door which helps in easy lifting of the door. To counterbalance a garage door of 100 pounds, an equivalent spring force of 100 pounds is needed to pull against the door. The torque in the torsion spring and stretch in the extension spring carries all the weight and therefore any negligence in understanding their forces can lead to major accidents.

Since the whole pressure of the garage door relies on springs they are wound very tightly and it is not so easy to replace it. In case the springs go out of balance then it is not your cup of tea to fix them. You may get injured and the other parts of the garage door may also break. The springs are attached to the brackets placed at the bottom of the spring door and any fault in these brackets can only be detected by the professional. The brackets are under lot of tension and any wrong move can make the door fall and injure you badly. If you are still thinking to perform this replacement job on your own then make sure that your health premium is fully paid up!

Professionals have tried and tested their hand in every issue related to garage door springs. Therefore they have the expertise to do it. The springs have a different wire size, inside diameter and length and not every door spring can be replaced in similar manner. The number of springs attached to a garage door depends upon the weight of the door. The professionals have the right tools and equipments to measure and cut the correct spring size. The amount of tension required in the springs is properly ensured by the professional.

You may be a very good employee or a businessman but not a garage door repairer and there is no shame in accepting that. Just for saving few bucks don’t try to put your precious life at stake. The adage goes by ‘Jack of all and master of none!’ This saying is very dangerous in real life and you don’t want to be a Jack, Right? Oh Yes!Hire a creditable and skilled Garage door service near you today!