A few tips for garage door repair

If we have some problem of the garage door, that is the problem of the safety of our home. This is one of the main issue in our life. There are some repairs we can make that do not need a lot of money. But some will need a lot of money to repair the garage door. Some problem of garage doors as follows.

Sometime the garage door cannot be repaired due to cold weather and snow. Also, if your door is broken or doesn’t work you should replace it or repair the door. There are some repairs that you can do without spending much money for. Here some helpful repair and maintenance tips.

One is the wall switch does not work. First test the wall switch and know about what you need to replace either wall switch or wires. The switch or wires are dangerous. Thus first we need to unscrew the switch from the wall. After that touch the two wires together. The wires are low voltage and will not give you an electric shock. If the opener runs the switch, it is dangerous. Then buy new one and replace it.

Another one is the switch work, but the wall remote does not work. First, you check the batteries or you may need to buy a new remote. If you cannot find a new one, then you can try a universal remote or can install a new receiver. 

The door goes up, but the problem is it only goes down when you hold down the wall switch. First, you check the safety sensors are in alignments. The sensor has small light. Each sensor should light up when nothing is between them. When door sensor go bad and lights are showing at all, you may need to replace sensors.

You have power to the outlet, but the problem is there is no sound or lights when you push the wall switch and remotes. First, you check circuit board. Probably you have a bad circuit board. The most frequent reason for the demise of a circuit board is lightning strikes. If a circuit board sounds scary you should replace it. It is very easy. First, you remove the light cover and take out the bulb. After that is disconnected, remove a few screws and unplug the board.

You have a bad light socket and you have to replace the socket. If you remove the circuit board pop out the old socket. Clip that in place and remove the two wire connections. Finally, you can install new socket.

The trolley moves, but the problem is the door does not open. First, you leave the rail attached to the opener and install the new trolley from the side. Then camp down the chain.

The opener makes a grinding noise, but the thing is the door does not move. The main drive gear, sprockets and shaft should all come together. It likes one piece.

These are the repairs of garage doors. These repairs are too easy.